City of Bevil Oaks Texas


When are elections held to elect the Mayor and members of City Council?
The City of Bevil Oaks conducts its General Election every year in November.  Each term is held for 2 years, with each Ward having someone up for election every year.  The next General Election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2016.  Early election days are:

Which City Council offices are up for election?
For the year 2016, 3 Council positions are up for election.  Those positions are currently held by the following: 
Ward 1: Bud Merendino
Ward 2: Fay Roberts
Ward 3: Sherry Adams
All other Council positions will not be up for election until November 2017.

Who is currently in office?
Mayor: Rebecca M. Ford
Ward 1: Dave Tevis
Ward 1: Louis "Bud" Merendino 
Ward 2: Michelle Nelson
Ward 2: Fay Roberts 
Ward 3: Sherry Adams
Ward 3: Danny Fruge, Mayor Pro-Tem

What are the qualifications to run for Municipal Office?
     * Residence - 1 year in state prior to the filing deadline; 1 year in the City of Bevil Oaks prior to the first day of applications for ballots to be accepted.
     * Age - 18 years old or older
     * Must be a registered voter at the time of the beginning date for filing for application

City Council:
     * Residence - 1 year in state prior to filing deadline; 6 months in the City of Bevil Oaks (or ward) prior to filing deadline (Texas Elec. Code, Section 141.001(a); Brown v. Patterson, 609 SW 2nd 287
     * Age - 18 years old or older
     * Must be a registered voter at the time of the beginning date for filing for application

What ward am I currently in?
Click Here to see the ward map, or call City Hall at 409-753-1475.

When do the Mayor and members of City Council take office?  
Any Officer elected takes office at the regular scheduled council meeting, following the November General Election.  In the event of a Run-off Election, the successful Member(s) of Council takes office as soon as practicable.

Does the Mayor or City Council receive a salary?
No.  At the present time, no Mayor nor City Council Member receive any type of salary or compensation.

How do I apply for Municipal Office?
In order to have your name appear on the ballot, an individual is required to submit an Application for a Place on the Ballot.  Note, that a candidate may announce his/her intention to run for Municipal Office at any time.  However, he/she cannot file an Application until the designated filing period.  For the November 2016 Election, interested persons can pick up an Election Packet from the City Secretary at City Hall and file it during the filing period to be named later.  City Hall is located at:
7525 Sweetgum Road
Beaumont, TX 77713

Is there a fee associated with applying for Mayor or City Council?
No, not at this time.

How do I get more information about running for Office?
Interested candidates can contact the City Secretary at 409-753-1475, or via email at

How do I find out if I am registered to vote?
The below website offers information regarding if you are registered to vote, as well as polling places for primary and November Elections.

Where can I register to vote?
The easiest way is to go the the Jefferson County website.

Where are the elections held for Bevil Oaks?
Currently, for all City and many county elections, they are held at the City of Bevil Oaks Civic Center.  It is located at:
7390 Sweetgum Road
Beaumont, TX 77713