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Welcome to City of Bevil Oaks

Code Enforcement


It starts with YOU

Our little city is, to many, HOME.  The easiest way to never need this page, is to be proud of your property and what you have accomplished.  Keep your "room" as momma would say, clean.  Abide by the ordinances, and you won't need this page at all.


How do complaints get filed?

Why, thats a GREAT question!  :-)  There are two main ways.  One, a citizen sees something wrong, and they come in and file a complaint at City Hall.  It is then routed to the right person.  There are 4 people who can write a citation for violations.  At this time, they are: Certified Flood Plain Manager for Floodplain violations, Alexandria Greer and Elayna Luckey for Code Enforcement violations, and Freddie Cahanin for Building Code violations.


An Ordinance has been VIOLATED! Now what?

Well, I am glad you asked!  While there are many more steps behind the scenes, they basically total up to this: 1. Violation spotted, courtesy letter sent.  This letter notifies the homeowner/renter of the violation, and gives them time to correct it.  

2.  They don't correct it... Violation notice sent and a fine is assessed.  At this point, an actual violation can be given each day as a separate violation and fine! YIKES!  

3. Still not fixed... a third letter is sent, with a court date.  Now, they can explain it to the Judge.  The Judge can rule on a much larger fines, including having the city come in and take care of it for you, fining you all along the way.  This, is the LAST resort.  No one wants to go to court and we sure don't want to see you there! So... if you get a letter, the best thing to do is call us immediately.