The City of Bevil Oaks Residential Permits

Residential Permits


Get a Permit Before Rebuilding

Before making major repairs, rebuilding or demolishing, check with our building official and floodplain administrator for permitting requirements. Permits protect owners, residents, communities and their buildings by making sure construction meets current building codes, standards, flood ordinances and construction techniques. Permits also provide a permanent record of compliance with elevation, which is useful information when selling a home and getting a quote for flood insurance.

Floodplain Permits


Are you in zone AE?  Not sure? Call us and we will look you up.  For those properties in zone AE, a floodplain permit is REQUIRED for ALL work being done on the property.  Contact us today for more information.

Building A New Home? Adding On?


Yep, there is likely a permit required. Electrical, plumbing, HVAC, gas... it is better to call first and find out you don't need it, than our code enforcement officer to see you doing it.  Then the fees double.  We are currently using the 2012 International Building & Residential Codes.