Roads & Drainage

Ditches, Culverts, Driveways


If you are concerned with the drainage along the streets, Jefferson County PCT 1 maintains these small ditches. You can put a work order in with the office and a PCT 1 employee will contact you. 



Regular Driveway 

(and draining into a normal sized street ditch) 

must be at least 18 inches in diameter.

Regular Driveway

(and draining into a DD6 outflow ditch) 

must be at least 24 inches in diameter.

Covered Ditches: 

Culverts being installed to cover an entire ditch must be at least 24 inches in diameter.

Once the proper culvert has been purchased and delivered please contact the office to put in a work order. PCT 1 will include your work order on their schedule and install it ASAP. 


Limestone can be purchased from the county at the current rate. We suggest you consult with the city regarding the city right-of-way and utility easements prior to installing driveways and culverts. 


Our roads are maintained by Jefferson County PCT 1 as well. The City pays for all materials. If you notice pot holes or other street damage please report it to the City of Bevil Oaks. Therefor it can be properly inspected and reported to PCT 1.