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Welcome to City of Bevil Oaks

Water & Sewer Updates

 This page is to keep our resident in the loop about what is going on with our water and sewer. 

Water Rates

Currently our base rates are $65.90 for a household with one meter, and $68.90 for a household with two meters per thousand gallons. There is a $39.90 user fee include in the base rate. The user fee is for the repayment of the loan for the sewer project that replaced the old sewer plant, and for the new smart water meters.

Water Plant Project

The water plant project that elevated all the electrical components and the generator at the water plant has been completed. The final walk through and punch list will be done the week of 1/27/2020 by LJA Engineers. The generator is online and fully functional in the event a power outage occurs. 

Sewer Plant

The bids has been approved and awarded for the elevation on the electrical components at the main sewer lift station. That project will be beginning in the new future. We will keep you posted as it progresses. 

Both water and sewer projects are funded by grants from the TWDB.