Newest Update:

Water & Sewer Rates



The City Council met in a workshop on August 9 to start discussion regarding the budget for both the city and the utility side. As one might imagine, thanks to Harvey, the situation is bleak. No action was taken as this was the first of multiple meetings to hear and gather information ahead of any decisions being made. The council will again meet on August 16 in workshop session to discuss and look at options in order for the city to remain financially viable. Again, no decisions will be reached or voted on at this meeting.

After this meeting, a mail out will be sent to each resident of Bevil Oaks explaining the situation and providing the financial details of our predicament along with suggested solutions discussed as of that time. In all likelihood, the council will not vote on water and sewer rates until the September meeting. At its August council meeting, the council will likely vote on the Effective Tax rate as well a Debt Service Fee increase on the monthly water bill.


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